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As many of you know, I am a Christian. Likewise, if you’ve been reading this blog long enough, you’ve know I’m interested in technology; moreso, how people and businesses are leveraging technology in their day to day lives.

Take Facebook for example.

The other day, my wife’s Facebook profile was up on our home computer. For some reason she got up , walked away, and left her Facebook profile up – no big deal, it happens all the time.

Well, I’m a blogger and I’m always rushing to the computer to write a new article about some breaking tech news, or to share some thoughts, etc…

This time, when I rushed to my computer, I couldn’t help but notice one particular Facebook update on my wife’s profile that had a lot of “comments” and “likes”.

So like any curious bystander, I couldn’t help myself from snooping :-) and I read what my wife had posted that got so many people interacting and commenting.

What she said (and I will refrain from exact details, names, and comments for the sake of privacy) was something to like this:

God is so awesome, in my time of need He heard my cry and answered my prayer.

Her wall update was powerful and moving – even though it was brief and consisted of only a few words.

But what was even more powerful – and to get to my point about Facebook – was what happened after she had posted her update – 15 people commented and another 10 or so people “Liked” her update.

What’s the big deal about 15 comments and 10 or so “likes”?

1) My wife was sharing a message of hope of how God can work in someone’s life, and what God can do when you seek Him first

2) That message of hope was spread to possibly thousands of people throughout the world:

Let’s say each of the 15 people who commented on my wife’s update had an average of 100 friends on Facebook.

That means my wife’s update become a part of 1500 people’s Facebook stream – not counting my wife’s friends, which is well over 100 (I think…), now taking that number to 1600.

Then you have the 10 people who clicked “Liked” – and at another 100 average friends each, that’s another 1000 people who could have read that message.

So now we have 2500 people, from all over the world, that are now exposed to my wife’s testimony of God working in her (in your) life.

Now the numbers we can’t see are the friends of the 2500 people – how many of those people commented or liked their friend’s comment about my wife’s update?

My point here is that we could easily be talking about thousands of people being exposed to my wife’s update on Facebook about God working in her life.

And from about 25 people interacting with that testimony, potentially thousands of people’s lives were touched.


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