Google 411 Shutting Down, Bing 411 Takes Center Stage

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After 3 years of service, the Google 411 service will be shut down today for undisclosed reasons. Google’s 411 service allowed you to called dial 800-GOOG-411 or 877-GOOG-411, talk your search request and in essence the search result would come back to you in audio. Google would then place the call for you, on your behalf and at no cost to you. Which meant your call was totally free. However, there is no need to fear about the loss of Google’s 411 service because Bing has their own equivalent service that is still active. Ironically, it’s called Bing 411 – just call 1-800-BING-411 (1-800-246-4411) and there ya’ go.


via CNN

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I recently tried a new toll free service by Justdial (1800-500-0000). It guarantees to pick your call in one ring and answer queries within 60 seconds. I did not believe until I tried the service and it really works great. Although I disappointed seeing 1800GOOG411 shut down, I think Justdial had given a completely different meaning to toll free services.

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