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$1 Movie Rentals For Apple TV (Because someone asked…)

1 apple tv movie rentals

Someone asked, via Twitter of course, the following question:

Are there any sites/newsletters that notify you of Apple TV movie specials? For example, a list of movies that are $1 this week..?

I’m making an assumption here (which might not be good…) that the designated location for renting movies on your Apple TV would be iTunes (someone tell me if I’m wrong please).

So I went to iTunes > movies > $.99 cent rentals.

There’s a lot of different categories to browse through, but let me at least try to satisfy the question above by listing the currently featured movies that are only $.99 cents for your Apple TV.

Oh yeah, you can only get the HD movies on an Apple TV and they are actually $1.99 to rent… but I digress.

Here’s the current featured $1 movie rentals for Apple TV (actually you can only get them on a movie enabled device like your iPad, iPhone, iPod classic, iPod nano with video and iPod touch models):

Time Bandits

Mona Lisa (1986)

Withnail and I

The Long Good Friday

Drugstore Cowboy

Meet Bill


Glengarry Glen Ross

Dirty Love

Wristcutters: A Love Story

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