What Is Cyber Monday Anyway…?

what is cyber monday why

With Black Friday behind us, people are now starting to talk about Cyber Monday.

But a fair question to ask is, what in the world is Cyber Monday?

Don’t worry, you’re not the only person asking this question. And come tonight or tomorrow, “cyber monday” will be ┬átrending phrase on Google, guaranteed.

So what is Cyber Monday anyway, and why is called as such?

Cyber Monday is the day that retailers try to extend the Black Friday shopping spree from the weekend and carry it into the work week.

So basically, retailers start trying to drive traffic to their websites by offering “web only” type deals and offers.

But why is it called Cyber Monday?

The story goes like this. Back in the day, people didn’t have high speed internet access at the their homes.

High speed internet access used to be available only in the commercial environment – or at the workplace if you will.

So people had to wait until they got to work on Monday, and got on their work computers which had high speed internet, to then access retailer’s websites to take advantage of deals that were being promoted on these websites.

So that’s the premise behind the term Cyber Monday.

But nowadays, I think the term is really irrelevant from a application standpoint because most people have high speed internet in their homes and on their mobile devices.

So now retailers simply leverage the term as another tool to drive you to their websites and keep buying!

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