Apple (AAPL) Shares Rise On Retail Store’s Outpacing Overall Growth

nasdaq aapl apple shares

Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) shares are on the rise in Wednesday trading due to financial reports showing that Apple retail store growth is outpacing overall Apple growth.  Apple shares (AAPL) are up +1.54 (0.44%) trading at 349.83 per share. Retail sales grew 90 percent to $3.19 billion, compared with overall revenue growth of 86 percent.  Apple currently runs 323 retail stores worldwide. Same-store visitors surpassed the 800 million mark in 2010, and Apple is expecting to serve its one-billionth customer perhaps this year (2011).

The store concept is working well for Apple, obviously.  And as a result of this “brick and mortar” concept, other tech companies seem to be following suit.  For example, Microsoft opened their first retail location just last year.

via Google Finance

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