Seth Godin’s Word of the Day: Ellipsis

seth godins word of the day1Welcome back to my ongoing series called Seth Godin’s Word of the Day.  You see, Seth Godin will, on a lot of occasions, drop a word in his daily blog posts.  What defines a heavy word, you ask?

Not sure really.

I guess it’s a word that, when I read it, sounds like an “above average” use of the English language.  Which trust me, if it’s a word that I take the time to write about, then Seth really came up with a good one.

Anyway, it’s been a couple of days since I last covered the Seth Godin Word of the Day because, frankly, there hasn’t been any big words used.  I mean, what good would it be covering a word that isn’t impressive – to me at least?

But today Seth Godin showed up and gave us a great word to cover.

Seth Godin’s word of the day:  Ellipsis

Sentence used in Seth’s post:  The ellipsis hides the most important part of this sentence: “I’m under a lot of pressure from myself.”

Definition of Ellipsis:


1. The omission from speech or writing of a word or words that are superfluous or be understood from contextual clues.

2. A set of dots indicating such an omission.

You can read Seth’s entire post from today here.

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