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New Facebook Timeline – Where Everyone Stalks Your Life

If you log into your Facebook account today and jump to your own profile, you’ll notice a message at the top of your page.  The message explains that Facebook changed to timeline, a new layout for your entire Facebook.  Basically your Facebook wall is now a timeline, where people can view every update you’ve made since you started FB.  I know, Timeline sounds a little creepy doesn’t it?  Well, you have until the 22nd to use the old Facebook, or you can publish it now and forever lose the old Facebook.  I decided to publish my own Facebook.  I found out after messing around how to remove updates from your timeline.  This makes it a little less creepy because you can make sure there’s nothing crazy showing up from 5 years ago!  I was just looking for the setting to show you but now I can’t find it!  Oh well, I’ll post it soon so you can learn how to use the new Facebook timeline and de-creepify (make it private) your profile.

Here is my Facebook Timeline.  You can see that it has a really cool “cover photo” that you can change and a completely different layout.  Log into your FB profile and mess around with it now, because it will launch on the 22nd!

facebook timeline creepy e1323991159990

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