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Google Adsense Delayed Reports & Lower Earnings


This morning I logged into my Google Adsense control panel and noticed my earnings were a lot higher for the day then usual.  I was obviously quite happy when I saw this, since the earnings for my site were almost three times higher than normal than they usually were in the morning hours.  However, after lunch I went back and saw a few things: 1. A message about delayed reports and 2. Lower than normal earnings.

We’re sorry, some data in this report is delayed, please try again later. There’s no impact to ad serving or payments.

It was both frustrating and scary to see my earnings down so much, especially since my overall Adsense earnings dropped drastically from 2012 to 2013 for no apparent reason.  Not even because of the algorithm updates with the search engines, if that’s what you’re thinking.  The earnings were just a lot lower, even though traffic, click throughs and content updates were the same.  It just seemed that I am earning less per click than I was a year ago, which like I said, is scary!  I’m hoping Google updates my earnings and they go back to normal or HIGHER by the end of the day.

Have you noticed any drastic changes with Google Adsense earnings the past few days?  I hope this is just because of the delayed report notice!

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One word? Yes. I would say the entire month of July I’ve been getting 3/10, 4/10 and a few days of about 5/10 earning. It’s very bleak. A glitch is a one time thing. This is a trend.

@3314ad1dfcbe8ec3fe9109f1cbb7139d:disqus I completely agree, the earnings are definitely worse and it’s a trend.

Hi Raman,

You’ll have to just wait, there’s nothing to do. As far as lower earnings, it could be related to a bunch of issues, so it’s hard to diagnose. @3314ad1dfcbe8ec3fe9109f1cbb7139d:disqus is right though, it seems like Google Adsense is on a downward trend with earnings, even though my sites are still the same quality and getting the same traffic.

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