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Microsoft Locks in 100$ price cut to Surface Pro

Microsoft announced:

“The response of the customers to the recent Surface Pro tablet pricing and the cover promotions are very exciting, so we are very proud to begin roll out of the Surface Pro Tablets, Surface touch covers and the RT bundles at a very affordable rate”.
Microsoft said that they were excited to slash the prices and let it reach every person to enjoy its unique features.

Microsoft slashed the overrated Surface Pro Tablet earlier this month by 100$ on both the models, but the price cut was only temporary which helped boost their sales. And so later in the day, they decided to make a permanent change on the rates for greater sales and affordability by most of the people.

The Surface Pro when hit the markets was not a great sale due to the overly rated tablets. Hence the promotional price for a month was offered and as soon as the sales rocketed, it was justifiable on their part to make the discount a permanent one.
Though nothing has been mentioned about it in the company website, Microsoft says that the price change won’t be instantaneously amended. Microsoft revealed that price reductions would be done in a controlled and phased manner.

The news stating “Microsoft permanently lowers prices of Surface Pro tablet and accessories” surely did not ring any bells or get an exhilarated response because the change was both anticipated and desired.

So according to the news:
Surface Pro 64 GB will start at 799$ and 128 GB at 899$ (100$ discount)
Surface Touch Covers starts at 79$ and the Limited edition Covers starts at 89$ (40$ discount)
Surface RT bundles start at 399$ (50$ discount).

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