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Women on Fire – 911 Operator Laughs {Audio}

911-operator-laughs-girl-fireArizona resident Lalo Delgado called 911 because his car and girlfriend were on fire.  After calling and telling the operator his girlfriend was on fire, the operator is heard chuckling.  Imagine if it was your girlfriend and she was burning/burnt badly and the operator was chuckling? To me this seems like part of the technology age we live in where people laugh at everyone’s own expense.  Do you think she was thinking of how funny the call recording would be after the call?  Delgado’s girlfriend is reportedly recovering from the fire.

911 Operator Laughs at Girlfriend on Fire

911: Is your girlfriend still on fire?
Caller: No.
911: No?
(laughter in background)
911: Ok. (chuckles) Umm… Is your vehicle still on fire?
Caller: It’s hilarious huh?
911: Sir, is your vehicle still on fire?
Caller: I just heard you smirk… Inaudible.
911: Ok, sir it wasn’t regarding that ok.
Caller: Yeah, I just heard you laugh.

Delgado called back a few minutes later, just to make sure that his call was taken seriously:

911: 911, what is your emergency?
Caller: Yeah.
911: Hello?
Caller: Yeah I called in a few minutes ago and I just wanted to make sure you took me seriously.

“Hopefully the next person that calls 911 doesn’t get laughed at,” said Delgado.

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