Brazilian Wandering Spider Wanders Over Bananas in London


Well, the infamous Brazilian Wandering Spider definitely lives after it’s name.  Consi Taylor spotted the spiders after bringing them home from a supermarket.  She thought the bananas were bruised at first, then noticed it was a bunch of small, baby spiders crawling around.  She also noticed a white nest at the bottom of the bananas. The wandering spider is one of the top 5 deadliest spiders in Latin America.

brazilian-wandering-spider-bananas-london-supermarket“I screamed, it was horrible,” she told the Daily Mail. “I’m scared of spiders anyway so I had to get a friend to come round to hoover them up. Then we cleaned the floor with anti-bacterial wipes.”  The spider can get as big as six inches!

Taylor and her husband spent three nights in a hotel with their two young children while their house was fumigated and deep-cleaned.

It’s a good thing they noticed the spiders when they did, because who knows how many could have hidden in the house.

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