Apple Has Huge Security Bug with Mavericks 10.9.2

apple-mavericks-ssl-security-flawNot too long ago Apple released an update for IOS to fix a huge security bug that basically made SSL connections useless.  The IOS system was a quick patch, however Apple didn’t update Mavericks until today.  It’s uncommon for Apple to slowly roll out a patch like this, so some users are worried that it took so long. The bug-fix wasn’t released on its own but instead they packaged it with some of the updates, which wasn’t too reassuring to Apple users.

The update to Mavericks include the following:

  • Adds the ability to make and receive FaceTime audio calls
  • Adds call waiting support for FaceTime audio and video calls
  • Adds the ability to block incoming iMessages from individual senders
  • Improves the accuracy of unread counts in Mail
  • Resolves an issue that prevented Mail from receiving new messages from certain providers
  • Improves AutoFill compatibility in Safari
  • Fixes an issue that may cause audio distortion on certain Macs
  • Improves reliability when connecting to a file server using SMB2
  • Fixes an issue that may cause VPN connections to disconnect
  • Improves VoiceOver navigation in Mail and Finder

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