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Alec Baldwin Arrested for Riding Bike Wrong Direction in NYC

Such a temper makes him fodder for the tabloids every once in awhile. It recently got him into a little bit of legal trouble, too. On May 13, the actor found himself placed under arrest for bicycling the wrong way on Fifth Avenue in Manhattan. His arrest was completely avoidable, but his temper escalated the situation.

Baldwin Reportedly Screamed at Officers

After being stopped by officers, Baldwin lacked proper identification. He became belligerent and argumentative with the officers at some point. What he actually said to them is currently unknown. However, his combativeness was enough to get him arrested and placed in jail for an hour. Baldwin received a citation for disorderly conduct and one for riding his bike the wrong way. Police officers in Manhattan chose Tuesday to step up their efforts to curb traffic violations.

Actor Lashes Out at Police After Arrest

Representatives for Baldwin declined to comment on the situation. In the past, Baldwin’s temper has gotten him into hot water both professionally and legally. He apparently used his foundation’s Twitter account to lash out at Manhattan police after his release. It remains to be seen whether the actor or police instigated the verbal altercation. If Baldwin’s previous anger-induced episodes are any indication, then things don’t bode well for the actor.

The 56 year-old actor is revered for his incredible acting skills. Without a doubt, his outbursts over the years tarnish his reputation somewhat. He was once removed from a flight for refusing to turn off his cell phone after all. A judge set his court date as July 24, and the actor will be required to show up for that date. In the end, Baldwin should avoid jail time but will likely face fines for both of his citations.

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