Man Who Executed Journalist James Foley Might Be Rapper from the U.K


The horrific killing of journalist James Foley has been making international headlines across the world for about a week now. On Tuesday, August 19th, a video was posted that showed a man in black beheading the New Hampshire raise journalist. This has launched a massive manhunt to try to find out just who the individual is that committed this awful execution. Many people believe that a young man who is named Abdel-Majed Abdel Bary, may just be the man that has alluded authorities. Surprisingly, he is of British descent and was even a rapper for some time who went by the rap name of L. Jinny.

In the video, the man stated that Foley was killed as an act of revenge. He had stated that the United States had decided to bomb ISIS interests using airstrikes in the country of Iraq and that this was a punishment. Bary is from a family that has terrorist ties. His father, Adel allegedly was involved with bombings that took place in 1998. These bombings targeted the Kenyan and Tanzanian embassies and killed many people.

One issue that scares many individuals is the fact that many young people from European countries are deciding to become jihadists. This has create a climate in which people are getting influenced to join up with terror groups. When these individuals decide to become radicals, they also put the United States and other countries at risk. In some cases, these young people go below the radar so they are a threat to national security.

This is due to the fact that these people have passports that could allow them to come into the country undetected where they might decide to participate in activities that could harm the homeland. MI-5 still has to finish their investigation into the possibility that Bary is indeed the one responsible for the beheading of James Foley. Time will tell if there is enough evidence to support this theory.

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