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Photos for OS X Launched, Extremly Fast With New Features for Editing

Last year, Apple announced that it will kill its famous Mac app, iPhotos and a photo editing tool Aperture. The tech giant came up the announcement yesterday and said that it is removing iPhotos and Aperture officially and launching a new app, dubbed as ‘Photos”. The first version of Photos is out for registered developers. Soon, Apple will release a public beta version followed by the final product for all users.

Photos app inculcates iCloud and perhaps this is the most important and new feature introduced in this app. Users will be able to store their photos in the iCloud services. Sources say that this might create problems for the users who are using 5GB space for iCloud because the new Photos app will eat this space quickly, forcing the uses to buy 20GB or above iCloud space, which starts from $11.88 annually.

Photos app is similar to the iPhotos app of iPhone. The app has four tabs: Photos, Shared, Albums and Projects.

Photos app for OS X is extremely fast, easy to use and user-friendly. Albums tab shows the most recently imported photos, with easy options to navigate and edit. Unfortunately, social media integration is still not added in the Photos app. That means Photos app for OS X doesn’t directly import photos from Facebook, Instagram or other photo outlets.

Photos for OS X works perfect on iCloud. If you are editing a photo, a single edit will make it to multiple devices across the Cloud in less than 15 seconds.

Photos for all the Mac users will be free and slated to come this spring.


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