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How to Measure Your CX (Customer Experience)

Taking the time to invest in your company’s CX (customer experience) is extremely important for your company’s success. According to Forrester Research, companies that improved their CX from below average to average saw an increase in revenue, anywhere from $31 million to $1.3 billion. If that doesn’t motivate you to implement CX, what will?

If your company has already made the smart move to implement CX into your marketing strategy, chances are you’ll want to measure and analyze the approach to determine how it’s working, and then use that information to determine if you need to make any adjustments.

So how exactly do you measure CX?


You may think that surveys are outdated, but they’re actually extremely beneficial when it comes to measuring CX. If you really want to get an accurate measurement, you’ll need to create a tailored survey instead of creating a generalized survey.

For example, choose something specific you want to measure. Then, find the customers that fit into this demographic. So, if you want to measure something specific about your email marketing, be sure to only send this survey to individuals who actually receive your email marketing campaigns.

Along with targeting the right demographic, you also want to keep the survey simple. Try not to exceed three questions, and make it easy for the individual to take and submit. Providing multiple choice answers with the option to add personalized comments is the best way to attract responses. This way, customers can complete your survey without needing to dedicate hours of time to complete it.

Measurement Tools

When it comes to collecting metrics and analytics for your business, it’s likely you use measurement tools. So why not use a customer experience score measurement tool to measure your CX? These unique, proprietary scoring tools will give you the big picture of your customer experience tactics and are scalable to your overall efforts. Then, you can use this information to determine where changes need to be made, if any, in order to boost your company’s CX success.

Social Feedback

Learning about how your customer’s feel about your business can be found by paying close attention to social feedback. Go through your company’s social media channels and acquire all the information you can based on what your customers are saying, both good and bad. Then use this information to make a marketing plan.

Along with social media, you can also use feedback found on customer review websites too. Sites such as Yelp allow customers to leave reviews on company’s they’ve interacted with, and this can help your company get a better overview of your CX. Once you’ve assembled all the reviews, try to look for similarities between the posts that can provide more insight for your company. For example, if you notice many customers making similar complaints, you’ll know that’s an area your company will need to address. If you notice many customers making similar accolades for your business, you’ll know that’s a strong area for your company.

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