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Google bans sexually explicit content from Blogger, cracks down on malicious software downloads

Google has announced that it will no longer allow sexually explicit, pornographic content on the blogging platform ‘Blogger’. Google will start making sexually explicit material already hosted on Blogger private from March, 23.

Google announced this news in a public blog post and said that Google has always tried to make web free of sexually explicit, violent and unethical content. However, Google has given a space for a limited kind of sexual content. Websites which post adult content for educational purposes, medical and health reasons will be allowed. Also, in another development, Google has started rolling out warnings about any suspicious web content, adware, potential threat.

Google also banned adult ads from the Blogger platform two years ago. All those who are running and monetizing Blogger platform based on adult content have no choice but to either delete the content or move off the platform. Google’s program ‘Google Takeout’ allows you to export all the Blogger data, content, images and other information to another open source platform. But replacement of ads, money and revenue will certainly not be possible.

Today, Google also gave a revamp to its Unwanted Software Policy after which, any software which does not adhere to commonly secure and proper SOP will not be allowed a download on Chrome. Google will show a warning that the software may harm your computer and the download will not be resumed.

This policies by Google are implemented after news of Super Fish malware and other leaks and report by Security companies that hackers are attacking websites, bank accounts and other user data across the web.


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