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Apple To Launch iPhone 6S, iPhone 6C This Summer

A number of sources are now confirming that Apple is gearing up to launch new iPhones this year. The upcoming iPhones will be dubbed as iPhone 6S and iPhone 6C. iPhone 6S will have 16 nanometer technology whereas the 6C model will have 20 nanometer chipset. The chips for both new iPhones are being designed by Taiwan semiconductor. If true, this would be a huge development. Apple has already recorded millions of sales for its iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S models. A new iPhone flagship will add up massive revenues to the already burgeoning market cap of the company.

It is also reported that iPhone 6S will have the much awaited new Apple A9 processor whereas iPhone 5C will come with the same Apple processors as shipped in latest iPhones in the market right now. An article on Fool speculated that iPhone 6C could have the plastic body to make iPhone 6S look more advanced and premium. It is confirmed that iPhone 6S will have the metallic chassis.

It is yet to be known that what major feature is coming in the new iPhones to make them stand out from the existing iPhones. If Apple is going to launch the new iPhones just for the sake of a refresh in the iPhone line, this could turn out to be a huge mistake. The company is already piling up cash from the iPhone 6 line. It rolled out NFC, increased size and many other tweaks in the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus. Unless there is something worth buying, the users would not go an extra mile to lax a huge money to buy the new iPhone which don’t have any new feature.

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