Windows 10 Runs Faster Than OS X on New MacBook

A startling new report has proved that Windows 10 runs faster than the latest OS X Yosemite on the new MacBook.

Alex King, a computer science student installed Windows 10 Boot Camp in his new 12-inch MacBook, and used it for a month.

King found out that Windows 10 is much faster than OS X on the new MacBook. It renders 60 FPS, the animations are cool and smooth. When the transparency Aero mode is turned on, the Mission Control works smoothly, unlike in OS X, which perform sloppily when the transparency is turned on.

According to King, the gaming experience on Windows 10 run Apple MacBook is great. He was able to play heavy games like Left 4 Dead with 60FPS. He says that that hardware also worked optimally, with less heat generation.

Alexa King didn’t use the Virtual Box to use Windows 10 on Apple MacBook. He rather opted for Windows 10 Boot Camp version and installed it natively so that the Apple MacBook runs the Windows 10 by default.

If companies start making customized Apple laptops inbuilt with Windows OS, we could see a complete revolution in the PC industry.

Alex King explains complete testing and explanation of the benchmarks of the Windows 10 rundown on MacBook on his blog.

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