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3 Things That Will Instantly Improve Your Social Media Strategy

By now, everyone knows that social media is an integral part of a marketing strategy. But simply knowing that has never been enough. You also have to execute on a sustained campaign of social media content that includes multimedia-rich experiences.

Let’s face it. Social media can be really hard. It is challenging for average consumers, and practically impossible for many business owners to figure out. But for those who do, the rewards are well worth the effort, even for those businesses in unglamorous industries. Here are three ways for you to immediately improve your social media strategy:

Get Someone Else to Manage It

As an entrepreneur, you wouldn’t manage your own human resources department, accounting, IT department, or marketing. So why would you think it was appropriate for you to manage your ow SEO plan? As the chief executive, you have to learn how and when to delegate the various aspects of your business to competent employees or contractors.

This is especially true for SEO consulting. As I already stated, SEO is really hard work. That is all the more reason you need to choose the right kind of specialist for your particular needs. If your target market is in Asia: half a world away, then you need someone who is knowledgeable about Asian markets. If you are Utah with a hyperlocal clientele, then you need someone who is well-versed in that particular market.

In the above scenario, you might want to give Utah SEO experts a higher consideration than an outfit based out of Europe. An SEO consultant must have more than the local advantage, though. They also have to be able to navigate social networks, and create sustainable, media-rich content. When your business grows beyond the hyperlocal, you want to be sure that you have an SEO consultant that can easily keep up. SEO consulting is a profession that needs to be valued much more highly by business owners.

 Keep A Social Media Calendar

Keeping a social media calendar is not just about making events available on the likes of Facebook’s public calendar offerings. Although, that is definitely a part of it. You need to communicate with the people who follow you on services like Facebook and Twitter about important events pertaining to your business. Today’s social calendars allow you to place events and reminders into the calendars of your followers as easily as placing the event into your own.

The other meaning is to be intentional about your events. You have to create a quarterly, monthly, and weekly plan for events and themes with which your customers can engage. It is not just a matter of calendaring whatever comes up. For your social calendar to be effective, it has to be intentional and consistent.

Be the Guru

In 2014, Google got over 5.7 billion searches per day. There are only 7 billion people on the planet. A large percentage of them cannot even access Google for any reason. With so many searches going on everyday, there is a chance that someone will discover you by accident. But accidental discovery is not much of a strategy. To increase your odds, you have to become a provider of the information for which people are searching. In other words, you have to become the guru.

Don’t hoard information as if it is all a trade secret. Rather than trying to keep information behind your retail paywall, become the expert. Be the source for the kind of information your potential customers need. Write a blog, even if it is nothing more than a Tumblr. Make sure all your posts are shareable on social media. Give people even more reasons to link to your site than the fact that you sell a neat widget. People are not always in the market for your neat widget. But they are always in the market for information. Provide that, make it social, and you will always have a clientele.

Besides the technical, backend reasons why these things are good for SEO, is the fact that the more content such as videos, calendars, and blogs that you have online the more opportunities there will be for the major search engines to find you. Doing any one of these things will immediately improve your social media strategy.

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