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4 Businesses or People That Benefit From Social Media Marketing

Social media has an impact on all industries whether it is big or small. Social media can impact some businesses immensely and have business booming with the right strategy. Not all mediums of social media are good for the same industries as some are visual and others are sharing readable content. The following are the 5 business types that social media can impact in a huge way.

Home Décor

Social media was made for interior decorators and interior décor stores. This is because they can share all of the pictures of their new products or best-selling products via social media. Pinterest is a great place for these companies and businesses to showcase what they have done. Their Pinterest page could turn into their finished projects page and if the projects are impressive enough and hashtagging occurs correctly then it could garner a big following of people who are interested in what they do.

Law Firms

If you are a personal injury attorney the odds are that you are paying quite a lot in online advertising.  The best thing about social media is that it is free and it does not have a price for clicks like PPC which can cost hundreds of dollars for some fields of law. Twitter and Facebook are great places for a lawyer to discuss current events in law with potential clients. Make sure to share blog posts from your firms blog as well as posts that you find interesting and relevant to your followers. If you are a DUI attorney then commenting on high profile cases or tweeting out article about DUI law chaging would be the best strategy.


Celebrities have to be on social media a bulk of the time to keep their fans happy as well as interact with them. Many celebrities have companies running their social media as they have so many comments and likes that they cannot have the time to answer them all. Celebrities actually are paid to post things about products and the costs of the tweets can be staggering. Social media  can also be used to turn a minor celebrity into a household name.

News Stations

Engagement is the name of the game in the news industry. The more that a news station can interact with their viewers the better chance these viewers will continue to watch their shows. This is also the same for all TV stations as hashtags are frequently associated with shows so people can live tweet their reactions of seeing an episode. Twitter is one of the best outlets for TV stations as they can share videos, pictures, and quick thoughts about things. Facebook can also be beneficial when it comes to releasing breaking news as many people are frequently on their newsfeed.

Whatever the industry, not having social media can be damaging and not let your company unleash its potential. It is better to have no social media at all if your strategy is bad or if you misuse social media. There are often places in the news that have a social media manager go off the tracks and tweet inappropriate things. Having an experienced professional or a company to manage this might be best as they can manage these things without worry of a personal implosion. Take advantage of social media as it is free and effective marketing.

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