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Engaging the Human Side of eCommerce Transactions

In the recent past, businesses had a major profit boost with just a basic website. Currently, it takes more than just a home and contact page to entice consumers to your product or service. It’s important to engage people’s human side. Basic psychology works on every consumer to some extent. As a result, your ecommerce transactions could see a dramatic leap in activity.

Make the Site Easy to Read

The simplest way to engage the human side of your customers is courtesy. Customers don’t want to see a busy website with a rainbow of colors, for example. Complicated websites only frustrate consumers, and they’ll normally click over to another site almost immediately. Use a basic white background with a normal-size font to describe your product or service. Make the home page user-friendly with clickable elements that make sense across the page.

Offer Login Convenience

When your website offers a login feature, it allows your customers to save their purchase history and check invoices at any time of day. They can even send secure messages to your administrators if there are any questions about a pending order. However, the login feature shouldn’t be mandatory. Customers should also be able to use your system as a guest. Offering simple choices to your customers allows them to feel comfortable with your business and overall website.

Live Chats Pay Off

In the past, the one thing that websites lacked was the human touch. It was simply a computer interface for customers to deal with during transactions. However, the incorporation of live chats gives sites a human aspect. People communicate in real time along a chat bar. Website administrators answer any questions or concerns about a transaction, so that there is no waiting time for resolutions. In response, more sales are possible with the chat feature.

Automatic Emails Keep Consumers Informed

Ideally, customers want to know where their purchased items are at all times during shipment. They don’t want to log into the site and find their order, for example. Companies should send an immediate email to the customer’s account after a sale is finalized. That email should contain the shipment tracking number and even a clickable link to locate that item. As a result, consumers are happier with your site and tend to purchase more items in the future.

Mobile Access is Crucial

It’s also important to keep the human aspect in mind when designing a mobile component to the website. Business owners must think like a customer, and add only the core components onto the mobile website. Company locations, menus and hours of operation are all core items that must be easily accessible on a mobile website.

Search engine ranking is still an important aspect of online success, so don’t forget to add in keywords and geographical information across your site’s pages. When a search engine looks for local results, you’ll be marked as first-page material. Combine strategic live chat services, mobile access and communication emails together, and you’ll have a strong business model for years to come.

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