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5 Tips for Your Spa Website Design

web design services for your spa

5 Tips for the Best Web Design Services for Your Spa

Looking for some tips on making your spa website better? Read this article for the best web design services, tools, themes, and appointment booking system.

It’s easy to make a bare-minimum website that contains the basics of your spa’s services and deals. However, if customers are not impressed with the website, nothing stops them from leaving and moving on to the next spa available.

Are you looking for useful web design services that can guarantee customer views and online bookings?

Then you have come to the right place.

This article is meant to help spa businesses gain customers by offering what their competitors may lack, a pleasing yet effective website. By having the right knowledge and using the right tools, nothing can stop your spa from receiving clients from other locations.

So now that we’ve intrigued you, let’s get to the good part.

1. Plan Out your Web Design Services

Do you have a number of awesome ideas and plans but you’re not sure where to start? It happens more times than we can count.

We get our minds racing with all these visions that are going to guarantee our spa’s success, but as soon as we start physically creating it, we get stuck.

The problem isn’t your lack of knowledge or ideas, the problem is that you didn’t plan it out.

Instead of spending time drawing and coordinating, you jumped in head first.

Your website is more likely to turn out better when you have a plan. First, you’ll need a company that provides web design services.

Figure out what you want to portray, what services you have to offer, what images you like, and where you want your contact information to be.

It will be much easier to consolidate your ideas when starting out instead of completing your website and then deciding you don’t like it.

2. Include Social Media

The 21st century is all about technological advances and social media updates. Customers expect companies to have social media, and if they don’t, some customers won’t even give that company the time of day.

With that being said, your spa website should contain links to every social media page you have, this includes Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Yelp.

In 2015, Facebook influenced 52% of consumers, both online and offline. If your spa services aren’t accessible on social media, you are missing out on potential clients and positive reviews.

By providing clients easy access to your social media accounts, you can advertise and showcase your services and skills without any paid advertisements.

If your company does not have any social media accounts, now would be a great time to create one.

3. Keep it Simple

Have you ever stumbled upon a website that was extremely cluttered and difficult to use? Can you recall your reaction?

We can almost guarantee that you left the website as soon as possible and questioned their lack of web design services.

Keeping it simple does not mean you cannot be creative, it just means that we do not recommend cramming everything on one page. If your spa has multiple services it offers, create a drop-down menu that can break up your services and describe them in detail on separate pages.

Another example includes imagery.

We know your spa wants to showcase all of the services it has to offer or how beautiful and clean the building is. But instead of placing pictures all over and between every sentence, break up images and only place them where it’s relevant.

By having a clean and simple website for your spa, you entice clients to continue navigating. Spa Mate is a great example of simple yet effective web design.

4. Call to Action

So you used web design services to create a beautiful and elegant web page. You are happy with the way it turned out, but no one seems to be calling or booking appointments as much as you would like.

We bet it has something to do with your call to action or lack of one.

By offering discounted spa services for first-time clients, customers will be more tempted to go. If someone is on the fence about whether or not they should try out your spa, the discounted price could be the tipping point that makes them go.

However, calls to action do not necessarily mean you have to offer anything, it just means you give the customer an easily accessible button to click so they can contact you.

Giving clients easy opportunities to schedule appointments or to learn more about what your spa can offer is a lot more beneficial than forcing the client to search for it themselves.

5. Mobile Friendly

When people think web design services, they think that the website is being created for a desktop. That is simply not the case.

43% of consumers between the ages of 25 and 34 use smartphones to make purchases online. The reason for this is because cell phones are always in our hands.

In the age of cell phones, no one has time to wait until they reach their desktop to search for a new spa to join. If something gets our attention, cell phones give us the power to look it up at that very moment.

If the website you are viewing does not work on a cell phone or is not easy to navigate, potential clients are more likely to go on to the next website instead of checking in later on their desktop.

To avoid losing clients, use the mobile-first approach to ensure that your website is easy to use on devices like smartphones and tablets.


Web design services are not as difficult as it may initially seem.

By simply creating a plan, keeping it simple, adding social media, adding a call to action, and making it mobile friendly, you have already completed most of the work.

The next step is just simply launching the website and waiting for clients to book the appointments.

But if you do decide that you still need some help or would like to advertise, we are always just one click away.

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