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10 Vape Marketing Tips That Will Smoke Your Competition in Search Engines

You know your vape products are better than the competition. But does Google know that? Here 10 vape marketing tips to smoke your competition in search engines.

10 marketing tips to smoke your competition in search engines

You’ve got a store full of merchandise, the question is, how do you get rid of it? The world of sales is a competitive one, and if you aren’t marketing your vape products correctly, you may get smoked by your competition.

The best way to let others know about your products is by aiming for the top. The top of the Google search anyway. Most people don’t go past the first page of search results so you’re going to want to be there.

This can be easier said than done. Here are ten vape marketing tips that will help you up your SEO game and get your website the traffic that you want to see.

1. Page Speed is Everything

In the days of old, people would wait around on a webpage for a bit before getting frustrated and moving on. Nowadays though, you’re lucky if someone will wait for more than a few seconds.

You’re going to have to build your site with speed in mind. Remove any clutter that could slow the website down. When your site is, slow and cluttered, it reduces the customer’s trust.

A fast site just increases the customer’s experience in general.

2. Link to Sites with Relevant Content

If you sell vape products but not juice, you want to link to somewhere like Granted you wouldn’t usually link to someone who sells the same products. You want to link to a blog that pushes the same sort of content.

As a vape store, you don’t want to link to something like bed sheets. It makes no sense and just doesn’t match up. ┬áKeep in mind that when you do this, you want to make sure that the website you’re linking to is a trustworthy one.

3. Write what People want to Read

You do want to write to get ranked on Google, but that won’t do any good if you can’t keep someone on your site to browse your products. You want to write content that is valuable to actual people with feelings and wallets.

You want people to not just read your blog, but absorb the information. You need for it to help them. If you do this the SEO Gods will actually reward you because search engines follow user activity.

4. Let Other Sites Link to You

If you’re going to be linking to other sites, it’s only fair that you let them link to you back. This can’t hurt you, only help you because it gets the word out about your products easier and faster. You also get the build a relationship with the company who is linking to you.

This doesn’t mean that you should just let anyone link to you. Again, this works if it’s a trustworthy site.

5. Use Social Media to Your Advantage

SEO and social media go together like a tired blogger and a nice cup of coffee. Remember when we said that search engines follow user activity? This is where that comes into play.

It’s all about getting as many shares as possible so you want to set up a Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. From there, share content that your followers are going to be interested in sharing. If you really want shares, host contests to gain attention.

On all articles on your site, make sure you have an option that allows a visitor to share it to their social media.

6. Use Web Analytics

Once your vape marketing campaign is up and running you need to know if it’s successful. It’s for this reason that you need to set up analytics.

Analytics is a neat tool that allows you to check your numbers every time you launch a marketing campaign. You can take notes about what’s working so you can keep doing it, and what’s not working so you can fix it. You’ll want to have this set up as soon as you start marketing your vape store.

7. Write Unique Meta Descriptions for Everything

Meta descriptions are the descriptions that will be shown in Google before someone clicks on your site. You need to make sure that it is well crafted with a keyword thrown in.

This is going to be the deciding factor to rather or not someone will visit your site so you can’t afford to just write any old description and call it a day. You actually need to put a little thought into it.

8. Your URLs Need to be Easy to Read

If your URL leaves a user saying “huh?” chances are their search engine is going to be just as confused. You need to keep them as simple as possible to ensure a good customer experience.

Imagine if someone is trying to tell their friend about your site later and they can’t remember the URL at all. You don’t want that.

9. Use Relevant Keywords for Images

There is a whole section of most search engines that is dedicated completely to images. It’s for this reason that you want to choose the right keywords for your images so users can find them.

Make sure the keyword is relevant to the image, and of course, stay away from keyword stuffing.

10. Your Content Needs to be Interesting and Consistent

If someone visits your site and sees that the last time you posted anything was almost a year ago, they will get the impression that your business is no longer up and running. It’s safe to say that you don’t want to give this impression.

Not only do you want to post quality content, but you want to make sure that you post often.

The world of vaping is a very competitive one. It feels like you can’t throw a stone without hitting a shop and that’s just with brick and mortar stores. You want to make sure your vape marketing techniques are smoking or you will get left in the dust.

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