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8 Game-Changing Tips for Marketing an App on Social Media

Launching a smartphone app can be a fun challenge, especially if you’re looking to build a business around it.

But with the average smartphone user using only 9 different apps a day, encouraging users to actually use your app is an entirely different challenge.

That doesn’t mean it’s impossible. If you understand your audience, you can generate growth. This is why social media is one of the most important places to market your app to your audience.

Don’t know where to start? Then let’s run through 8 actionable tips for marketing an app through social media today.

Consider a Paid Ads Campaign

One of the more typical methods of advertising your app is through a traditional paid ads campaign. The only difference is the type of ads you’re paying for.

Sponsored ads through social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram give you access to millions of potential new users. If you’re offering smartphone ads, these ads can lead them to install your app straight from app stores.

The great thing about a campaign like this is that you can target your audience specifically. You can target by various attributes, such as age group, gender, nationality or interests.

This can stop you wasting your ad budget if you avoid showing your ads to users who don’t form part of your target audience.

Run Ads with Influencers

In the age of the millennial, influencers rule the social media landscape. They have an audience themselves of many thousands, or even millions, looking to follow exactly what they say or do.

This makes influencers a natural ally to recruit for your social media campaign. A survey by Twitter found that around 40% of users made a decision on a purchase thanks to an influencer.

For real engagement, however, you’re going to find the best influencers using Instagram. With long written captions, and high-quality video and images, influencers can upsell your ad to their captive audience.

You can target influencers directly, or use marketing agencies to make contact.

Create Video, Viral Content

Viral content isn’t easy to create. If it was, every company would be doing it! 

Video content offers the best chance for your app to go viral, as it demonstrates what the app does which, if it’s a good product, will help convince users to use it.

Why do you want it to go viral? Because it’s a free, organic way to build your number of users. Your number of downloads will explode upwards if it goes viral.

And how will it go viral, we hear you ask? Thanks to the magic, once again, of social media sharing. 

The best way to build video content that your target audience will want to share is by understanding what they like.

Don’t target your audience correctly? Your video won’t be worth the money you spent having it created. That’s why it’s on our list of the 5 main digital marketing mistakes you should look to avoid.

Offer User Incentives to Share and Play Your App

There’s no reason why you can’t offer your users a little incentive to download or share your app. You can do this through social media directly.

Run ad campaigns that offer discounts to users on the product you’re offering or by giving freebies. 

Does your app offer in-app purchases, for instance? Give your users free credit if they share your app over their social media profiles or if they install it from a social media ad they’ve seen elsewhere.

Referral systems like this can bring users to your app with a good return on investment.

Engage and Interact with Your Users on Social Media

Your social media strategy for your app shouldn’t only be about offering ads telling your users to download your app. You need to engage and interact with your users if you want them to stick around.

Speak with your customers via the major social media platforms. If your users have questions or feedback, answer their concerns.

Building goodwill like this might take up a bit of time, but it can also generate results if your users then leave positive feedback. For other potential users, they can see that the app is under constant development, with a team that cares.

As a bonus, if your social media page is active, social signals like these can have an impact on your app website’s SEO. 

Generate Press Releases with Shareable Content

Your app is like any other product you might be launching in other, more traditional formats. 

If you were releasing a new washing machine, you’d want the relevant PR outlets to notice. You’d want to make it easy for that PR machine to get into action.

Your press release for your app is no different. So, build a release kit that can help you advertise your app. Include a summary of what your app actually does to start with.

Include screenshots, video content, as well as information on yourself. Don’t forget app logos and banners to help writers include them in any articles they write.

The main part of your press release will be a written statement explaining why you’re advertising your app, and what you’re trying to do. It’s designed to sell your app — so make sure you explain why every use should be installing it.

Run Contests and Competitions

Want to generate some additional interest?

Running competitions or a contest for your user base could do that, as it encourages users to do something in return for a reward. 

Think out of the box with this one by encouraging users to share content relating to your app. If you’re advertising a game, a leaderboard for users could encourage more users to play your game.

If it generates further interest, by adding more users or increasing recognition of your brand, it’s worth the investment.

Respond to Feedback Positively

We all like to think we’re important to the companies we deal with. As the developer or publisher of your app, your users will be feeling the same.

That’s why you should respond to feedback with a positive attitude, even if the feedback is negative. Responding to feedback can help your users feel appreciated, and generate goodwill along the way.

Goodwill can lead to more positive reviews. They may not like something, but it may make your app more popular in the long run.

Of course, if your users aren’t happy with your app in some way, you need to make changes. A major part of the mobile app development lifecycle is developing your app over time with user feedback.

Social media marketing tips like these may take up your time, but when new users search for your app and see ignored concerns, they’ll be less likely to download.

Marketing an App Doesn’t Have to Be a Struggle

Just because you created an app, it doesn’t mean people are going to play it. That’s why you need a strategy for marketing an app through social media.

With good content and the right level of social engagement, you can have the chance to build a loyal audience for your app.

Engage with your audience every opportunity you get. Run contests, incentivize your users to share your app, and respond to your user’s feedback. If your users feel involved, and they like your work, you’ll hopefully see your audience grow.

Want to learn more about how to optimize your social media marketing strategy? Then check out our social media articles for advice on what to try next.

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