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Guide on How to Optimize Your Social Media Videos

Just like SEO, you need to optimize your social media posts if you want to rank well on the social media platform. Social media optimization enables your products to become more noticed by people that use the social media. Establishing a presence on social media is not just about setting up a profile on the social media and then forget about it. You need to have a social media plan in place in order to effectively reach the target audience.

Use Hashtags

Using hashtags enable people to find you easily. To find out what hashtag to use, do research on the hashtags that other influencers are using. Besides, check out what hashtags are trending on the social media by going to the Trending category. On the social media, do a search on conversations that are concerning the niche. You can draw attention to your product by using the hashtag to create your own contest.

Schedule Your Social Media Posts

If you have no time to post every day, you can write the posts first and then use a scheduler to schedule the posts in advanced. Posting regularly on your social media is necessary if you want to have an account with a large following. If people see you stop posting for a while, they will quickly un-follow you. Scheduling ensures that you maintain consistency in your social media marketing effort.


Use Image in Your Social Media Posts

Image is the best tool for capturing attention from audience. You can check your analytics to track which image gets conversion from the audience. If you found an image with especially high clicks, you should post more of that type of images to get more engagement for your products. The images you include in your social media post should be high quality. Usually, there is a limit on the image size so make sure you resize it to the correct size. If you auto share your blog posts, it will be a good idea to include at least one image. In this way, all the post shared on the social media will feature the blog post image.


Use Videos to Capture Audience Attention

Video can help you to grab the attention of the audience faster. It is easier to consume the information in the video compared to reading a paragraph on the social media. The success of social media lies in the ability to capture audience attention and get the message across in a short span of time. Video fits in perfectly for this task. At the beginning of the video, make sure you include callouts so that the viewer know the message before turning their attention away.


Videos posted on the social media need to load fast – in this case, you will have to convert it into MP4. MP4 video is small compared to the standard AVCHD format which your video is stored in camcorder. You can open the video file in an avchd converter online program and convert it to MP4. When the Online Video Converter load, you simply drag the AVCHD file into the file drop zone and it will be loaded. Next, you navigate to the Video tab and search for MP4. After you found the MP4 format, select it and click the Convert button to convert it to the destination folder.


Regularly Update Your Social Media Account

You should try to be as regular as possible when coming to updating your social media account. It is recommended that you make at least 3 posts on different times throughout the day. You can vary your posting frequency, for example, today, you post 3 times and tomorrow, you post 5 times.


Be Active on Multiple Social Media Networks

Survey shows that more than 80% of marketers actively post on at least 4 networks. You can choose to be active on at least 2 social media. There are a few major social media networks and each one is designed for different business niches. If you are an educated professional, you can use LinkedIn as a place to promote your business. In LinkedIn, you get to list your academic backgrounds. You can use an image based social media platforms like Pinterest and Instagram if you are into a business where you have a lot of nice pictures to show off.

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