Storyboarding Your Ideas: How Storyboards Can Help With Your Business Plan

When you’re developing a business plan, you need to create something that’ll engage your audience. Maybe you’re creating a sales video, sending out a message to your employees, or putting together an outline for an idea to present to a business partner. Whatever the case may be, you need a way to execute your business plan successfully. 

Today, this becomes a challenge because so many people aren’t willing to read through pages and pages of information. In the past, the solution was to create a PowerPoint presentation. What was once a great idea is now something that’s been overused

Don’t bore your audience with pages of data or multiple PowerPoint slides. Storyboarding your ideas is the new and most successful way to present your business plan. Learn more below!

Use as a Brainstorming Tool

Use a storyboard as a brainstorming tool for your ideas. People brainstorm in different ways so one way might be your go-to. However, we urge you to give storyboarding a try. 

Use storyboarding as a form of freewriting. Get all of your important information down into “scenes.” And don’t worry about not having everything done in a neat layout when completing your first draft. 

The storyboard is there to help you find structure, unlike when creating an endless freewriting outline. There are also editing tools when using storyboard that’ll help you polish your work when done.

Refresh the Minds 

As briefly mentioned before, your audience doesn’t want to read through several pages of writing or be forced to watch endless PowerPoint slides. This is true no matter who your audience is. You could be presenting to your employees, your customers, your business partner, or someone else. 

Give all types of an audience a refresher when you present your business ideas to them using a professional storyboard. Storyboards are most likely something that they haven’t seen much of. It’s refreshing for the mind to see ideas presented in a new and unique way. 

Hold Attention and Boost Creativity

Because you’re offering your audience something original, you’ll hold their attention, and you’ll boost creativity. This is an opportunity to put your ideas into a visual story. Put as much imagery into your storyboard as possible. 

This is what’s going to grab your audiences’ attention, hold their attention, and keep them striving to learn more. Rather than focusing on the words in your business plan, place those words into images. Once you get the other side of your brain thinking, your audience will start to turn those wheels as well. 

You’ll be surprised how many new creative ideas come from both you and your audience when you present your plan on a storyboard. 

Enhance Productivity 

Using storyboards is a great way to enhance productivity. Use templates to ensure content efficiency. Once you find a template that works best, use this same template for all of your content. 

Trying to use a different template for each type of content you put out can become overwhelming. Instead, focus on either one template for all content or one template for each content category. For example, if you’re storyboarding for blog ideas, find a template that works best to present planning for a blog.

Now, use this template for all future blog planning. When working on a storyboard for planning better customer service strategies, you might use a different kind of template. However, you’ll use the same kind of template for all customer service storyboards. 

Understand What’s Missing

When you create a storyboard to execute a business plan, it’ll make missing components clear to you. This is because everything becomes visual. When creating the board, you’ll uncover steps in the plan that you skipped that might be essential. 

Find ways to now include these essential steps, but ensure that they’re essential. Don’t become overwhelmed with too many details. 

Focus on Crucial Factors

Using a storyboard to describe a business plan forces you to narrow down those crucial steps in the plan and eliminate those long paragraphs that no one actually reads. You might start off with many different details and moments that you want to add to your storyboard. Group similar details and moments together to narrow down your list. 

Placing too many moments on your storyboard could defeat its purpose. To narrow your moments down, focus only on the most important and crucial details or moments. 

Save Time and Money

Storyboarding is a more efficient way to put a business plan together. You’ll save yourself the time that you’d normally spend creating a lengthly outline that bores everyone in the meeting. You’ll also save money by not feeling the need to hire a Research and Development team. 

Instead, rely on experts in your industry who are right by your side. Your employees, business partners, and customers know your products and business better than anyone on the outside. As the right questions and use storyboards that’ll grab their attention. 

View their reactions and ask them questions that’ll help you solve any issues that you’re trying to improve on. 

Share Your Vision by Storyboarding Your Ideas

Storyboarding your ideas is the optimal way to share your vision. It works as a brilliant brainstorming tool there to help guide you through your thought process. It refreshes not only your audiences’ minds but your mind as well with its unique display. 

And it’ll boost creativity, productivity, and a focus on crucial factors. What are you waiting for? Start building storyboards for your business plans today!

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