Lead ‘Em Towards the Light with Enticing Solar Marketing Ideas

In 2018, the solar industry generated over $17 billion in the US. 

It’s clear that more and more people are spending money on solar. But if you want people to spend money with your solar business, you need to learn more about marketing.

But, marketing can be confusing as there are often many methods to choose from. Should you use Facebook Ads? What about leaflets?  

This post will teach you the basics of solar marketing. Use the tips below, and you’ll know how to make your business the primary choice for people looking to install solar panels. 

Let’s begin! 

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads can be a great way to promote solar panels, simply because of the targeting methods on offer. For instance, using Facebook Ads, you can target people that have an interest in lowering energy bills, or those that want to protect the environment.

There are two approaches you can take when it comes to marketing to people via Facebook Ads.

The first is to promote the solar panels, without doing much else.

This means you might create an ad that lets people know how much it’ll cost to install solar panels and how they can get the ball rolling.

This approach is pretty direct, and it only tends to work well when put in front of people that already know a lot about solar panels.

The other option is to provide people with a free document, that lets them know about the benefits of solar panels.

Once people have read this document, they’ll have a greater appreciation for solar panels, and thus may be more inclined to invest in them.

Thus, by using this latter approach, you increase the number of people you can turn into customers, as a result of running Facebook Ads.


Using AdWords, you can target the keywords people might type into Google when they’re looking to invest in solar panels. 

For example, suppose your business is located in Minneapolis. You can target the keyword ‘solar panel cost in Minneapolis’ and reach people in this area that want to learn more about solar panels.

With AdWords, you pay each time someone clicks on your ads. The price you pay will generally depend on how many other advertisers are trying to target the same keywords as you.

Fortunately, you can set a daily budget for your AdWords campaigns. This means you have a significant level of control over how much you spend on your ads, each day.


Though it might sound like an ‘old school’ technique, leaflets can still work surprisingly well.

You just need to make sure your leaflets are well designed and that they contain the right bits of information. This might include how much it costs to install solar panels, but also how long the entire process will take.

Do You Understand Solar Marketing? 

You should now understand how to create a solar marketing strategy that’ll deliver results for your business. 

When you find a tactic that works, you’ll still want to run some A/B tests so you can figure out how to get the best results from that specific method.

So, if you find leaflet drops work well, you’ll want to experiment with your designs in the hopes of finding one that delivers better results. 

You’ll want to do this, for as long as you run marketing campaigns. In doing so, you should eventually end up with a marketing strategy that nobody can compete with.

A great logo can help your solar panel business stand out. Read this post for some tips on creating an amazing logo.  

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