7 Most Influential (And Trusted) Advertising Mediums

Ads influence about 90% of consumers. Some businesses would not even sell their products if not for advertising. Consumers get to know various products, their importance, and prices through advertising.

However, for an advertisement to be effective and the business to generate the needed sales, it needs the best medium. So, what are some of the best advertising mediums? Read on to discover the best advertising mediums for your products here.

1. Social Media Marketing

Social media boasts of more than three billion users as of 2018, and the number is still growing at a very high rate. Businesses have realized this and now use all available strategies to meet their online audience. They do this through different social media channels.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter are leading as far as social media is concerned. You need to post engaging content, videos and images and capture the attention of the users. If you’re active enough, your audience is likely to notice your products.

LinkedIn is also very effective if you learn how to set up a business profile and connect with the right people. You can also use paid social media advertising to generate more leads.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing continues to grow and become one of the best types of advertising mediums. Digital marketing can help you reach your list of email subscribers at a minimal cost. 

The good thing about email marketing is that you can track how your emails are doing and know if they are effective enough. You can easily tell if people are opening your emails and clicking your website or not.

With email marketing, you can always update your subscribers about new offers, promotions, new products in the market, and anything new that you’ll like them to know about. You can send them these through email newsletters.

3. Print Advertising

If you think print advertising is old school, then your business is missing on one of the most effective mediums of advertising. It is the oldest yes, but it still has a wide coverage suitable for businesses that prefer to advertise extensively.

Print advertising takes the form of newspapers, magazines, posters, flyers, and brochures. All these mediums give extensive coverage of your products and services and can reach a huge audience. They also last longer and can spread the message to your target audience for as long as they can read the papers.

4. Outdoor Advertising Mediums

If you frequent big towns and the CBDs, you must have come across big screens placed in the streets. These are other forms of advertising mediums aiming at placing the message where the target audiences frequent most. These are usually fixed printed or audiovisual forms of advertisement.

Outdoor advertising is easy to consume and very informative. They’re perfect for ads that introduce new products to the market. They illustrate the benefits of a product and ensure the audience gets and memorize the message.

Outdoor advertisement take forms of flags, wraps, events and sponsorships, automobiles, banners, and hoardings, etc.

5. Google Ads

In this digital era, your business is next to dead if you still don’t have a website. A good business website also exposes you to another effective advertising medium called Google Ads. This form of advertising helps you drive traffic to your website in a cost-effective way.

Google Ads are very affordable as you’ll only pay for every click on your ads. You can also target the kind of audience you want to reach. You can only reach those searching for specific keywords related to your products, target a particular demographics, or a specific location.

Google Ads are also subdivided into search ads and display ads. Search ads show up in search results of people who type specific keywords and are text-based. Display ads are graphics and visual ads that people can see when they visit the websites related to yours.

6. TV Advertisement

Television commercials have been the most influential form of advertisement for a long time now and continue to make huge impacts. They are so far the best mediums for small businesses targeting a specific geographical area. 

Once you identify the channel that your audience is likely to tune to, TV advertising will be very effective. Also, you can choose to pay more and run your commercials during peak hours or peak seasons. 

Some businesses stay away from TV media advertisement because they are deemed expensive, especially on peak seasons. However, TV commercials are more memorable than print or digital advertisements mediums and will give value for your money.

If you can’t afford the TV commercials, you can read this article to understand how you can leverage your TV ads to be more affordable.

7. Radio Advertising

Radio advertising is almost like TV commercials, only that this is mainly audio-based. Radio ads target both local and broad audience and can be used for seasonal ads. With radio ads, you can be more selective, and you can schedule your ads to run on different programs and target specific groups.

Radio ads are also cost-effective and have a wide reach as compared to TV commercials. You, however, require the services of professionals because it’s not easy to tell a story using words without any visuals. You need a compelling script and a good idea to be able to convince the audience.

Which One Will You Choose

All of these advertising mediums work perfectly for all kinds of businesses. This can be a little confusing since you don’t know which one to choose among the different types of advertising. You need to understand your business goals, your target audience, and the type of products you’re providing.

Choosing an advertising medium is not easy, and you need to do a lot of research before investing in anything. If you’re not sure about where to start, you can consider using the services of an advertising agency.

Alternatively, you can go through our website to get expert advice on the best forms of advertising and other best business practices that your business needs.

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