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5 Ways To Promote Your Business With Digital Marketing

How do you turn followers into customers?

Website owners and content creators have this problem. They may get a lot of traffic, but they don’t know how to monetize it. Even if they know the tactics, they don’t know how to present their offer. They think their reputation will somehow be damaged if they are too aggressive in marketing. Before making any assumptions, let’s look at the facts. The lack of demand is the number one reason why 90% of businesses fail.

Entrepreneurs don’t fail because they offend clients, but because they don’t do enough to sell the product. Many people would like to hear about your service, but they don’t know you exist. That’s why digital marketing is crucial.

How much promotion is enough?

There are two ways to sell a product. You can present it to others or make your clients discover it. You can pursue your customers or attract them. Your sales strategy depends on the amount of traffic you get. The more trust you get with your followers, the more you can promote. Here are five ways to create brand awareness.

#1 Be aggressive with marketing

You will hear about dozens of tactics on the internet, but you don’t need to use all of them. In fact, only a few will bring the results you seek. At first, it’s better to try as many strategies as possible. The more data you collect, the better you will compare them later.

The 80/20 rule says that 20 percent of your efforts produce 80 percent of the results. Once you try enough marketing methods, you can filter and keep it simple. Remember that there is no right answer. Although it takes time, it will ensure you the most efficient marketing campaign. Soon you will have figured out an Accelerated Marketing Portfolio (AMP), a framework for smarter marketing campaigns, that is just right for you.

#2 Be product-centered

Imagine if you had a product that is ten times better than the competitor’s version. We assume your customer support is outstanding, people love the product, and it has no quality problems. Would people still buy from other sellers? No matter how saturated the market is, clients will work with the best brand. If you are good enough, customers will be excited and talk about you.

There are many tactics you can use to promote the brand. However, there’s nothing better than having others promoting it for free. The strategy is simple. Start advertising until you get enough traffic to launch. If you design the product well, the first followers will refer your product and encourage others to try it. If you disabled your ad campaigns from then on, the business would grow anyway.

#3 Use inbound marketing

What if you could attract clients instead of chasing them? Imagine the money you would save on advertising. Inbound marketing refers to all the techniques we use to turn followers into customers. We add value to educate the follower, increase our trust, and get conversions. Inbound divides into traffic and conversion tools. First, you could use SEO, web design, or social media for brand awareness. Once you have traffic, you can qualify it with email marketing and advertising. Advertising to followers is not the same as doing it with strangers. With inbound marketing, others will know about your brand and potentially buy from you in the next months.

#4 The 25/25/50 rule for social media

Social media apps give everyone the chance to get traffic for free. When it comes to content, we have to keep the level of interest of your future buyer. If you design your content to add value for free, it can increase your trust until you get your first clients. It’s also a mistake to give everything for free without asking for the sale. Money is a fair way to pay for your work, and your social media should let that be clear. Fifty percent of your posts should give others useful information, twenty-five percent for documenting, and twenty-five percent for selling.

#5 Rank a landing page

Your website is the first impression a visitor gets. It’s so critical that you may lose fifty percent of your visits if the page doesn’t load in three seconds. A working landing page depends on SEO, web design, and content marketing. Make sure that your message is direct so that anybody can understand it. Once you combine these five tactics, you will create brand awareness and boost conversions.

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