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Hawaii Shooting, Man was “Unhinged”

Hawaii is mourning the death of two officers killed by a Honolulu gunman in a terrible tragedy. Officers responded to a stabbing at a home in Waikiki Beach and were taking care of the victim when police say resident Jarolsav Hanel opened fire, killing one of the officers. One of a group of officers who rushed to the wounded officer’s aid also was killed. Shortly after the entire home was lit on fire and destroyed seven homes before it was put out.

onolulu Police Chief Susan Ballard said investigators suspect Hanel and two women were inside the house when it burned.

The officers who died were Tiffany Enriquez, a seven-year veteran who was the first officer shot, and Kaulike Kalama, a nine-year police veteran. Ballard said she had worked closely with the two officers for five years before being named chief.

“They were like my kids,” she said. “When they first came into the department up until I made chief, I knew them personally.”

The suspect, Jaroslav “Jerry” Hanel, who was in his 60s, was described as being mentally disturbed by neighbors. His neighbors have been in various disputes with hims since 2015 according to his lawyer and even faced a hearing next week on a charge of misusing 911 services.

His lawyer said, he never knew Hanel to be violent, but that “he’s kind of a quirky guy and had problems.” Hanel believed the government was watching him and tapping his phone, Burge said.

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