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Earthquake in Granada Hills, CA

Approximately around 11:41 p.m. a 3.6 magnitude earthquake hit the L.A. region. The epicenter was in the Granada Hills and it caused more than just a light shaking in San Fernando Valley. As it seems up to this moment, nothing was damaged, but, people from the L.A. region were at least scared when this earthquake took place.

An earthquake was the strongest in the San Fernando Valley, but other places like Santa Monica, Los Feliz, Silver Lake, Marina del Rey, and even Hollywood Hills were also shaken by this earthquake. Even though people from San Fernando Valley were affected the most, other residents of these places were also under the influence of the earthquake of 3.6 magnitude.

The Fire Department of Los Angeles informed the public that there aren’t any significant damages to the properties and no one suffered from any bad injuries. Also, there are a lot of vehicles and helicopters circling the area which is normal as it is a standard precaution procedure.

As we already said, the epicenter was in the area near the Van Norman Lakes Reservoir. Experts say that the epicenter was located near the intersection of the 405, 5 and 118 freeways. There’s no need to worry about the Van Norman dam since it was replaced a long time ago when the 6.6 magnitude earthquake took place in 1971. That was a Sylmar earthquake and it nearly collapsed the dam which would result in more than 80.000 people evacuated. However, that was not the case. The dam also survived a 6.7 magnitude earthquake from 1994 without any damages to the construction.

Los Angeles region is, as we all know, a place where many earthquakes took place during the past and it’s also a place where earthquakes tend to strike the most in the US. And, as the data sample from collected from the last three years show, this earthquake occurred at the surprisingly low depth of 4.3 miles.

It’s also important to know that it’s hard to stay ahead of the earthquake. There are all sorts of precautions that experts can take to see the earthquake coming, but, there aren’t any measures to stopping earthquakes yet. In that light, stay alert and learn a bit more about earthquakes since you never know when the ‘’big one’’ is going to hit, and where.

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