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Dolly Patron Challenge – New meme is spreading wild

A new meme Dolly Parton Challenge appeared not so long ago on social networks and it spreads like a wildfire. Namely, a famous American singer and songwriter Dolly Rebecca Parton made a successful meme. This shows us that this old lady is still full of youth and ready to shake every possible social network with its ideas.

Many of us know her as a very talented and gifted country music singer, but nothing connects her to memes. Well, not until now!

She’s one of the First

It appears that Dolly Parton is one of the first celebrities to take part in a ‘’Social Challenge’’. Therefore, she made quite an interesting photo of herself. It’s a photo made out of four different photos that represent each social network.

Simply put, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and Tinder are the main four social networks that she used in her photo. Clearly, each social network is represented by one photo and all of them combined are making this new meme. It’s important to know that she made it very clear how she sees these networks.

For example, she used a quite formal and powerful photo of herself for LinkedIn. On the other hand, she used a very provocative picture to represent her Tinder part of the photo. All in all, she did it with one thing on her mind – Creating a new viral meme.

Words to get by

Dolly Parton Challenge made by this wonderful singer is also heavily commented on. Namely, she wrote ‘’Get you a woman who can do it all’’. Anyhow, this clearly sends a message that she means that having a powerful and respective woman is important.

Shortly after her meme was spreading wild all across the web, some really noticeable celebrities also contributed. And, there we have a famous actor Mark Ruffalo with his hew tweet and a picture.

Jokes aside buit, it’s also quite interesting that she is not even aware of the storm she created on social networks. However, it’s clear that this meme will spread like a virus all across the globe. Simply speaking, celebrities from other countries are using it as well.

Nothing more than a Dolly Parton Challenge Meme

Some say that this meme will fade away like the rest of them do. However, that’s not completely true. Namely, the structure of this meme will stay here for long, why? Well, it’s easy to participate in this meme. Also, everyone likes to favor the social networks pages by putting their photos online.

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