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Apple Photos App Prompts “Please unlock your iPhone” Even Though Phone is Unlocked Already

TL;DR: Check your iPhone’s backup settings in the Apple device backup settings and switch them to back up to your computer instead of iCloud.

Today I was trying to import my photos into the Apple Photos app on my iMac only to be stuck in a loop where it asked me to unlock my iPhone. After checking several times, my iPhone was unlocked already!

Things I tried to fix Apple Photos from prompting the false unlock message with no avail

  • Lock, then unlock iPhone
  • Disconnect phone from my iMac completely
  • Reconnect to Apple Photos

Solution to fix Apple Photos False Unlock Message

Open iPhone backup settings by clicking on the device in your finder window or by opening the Music App (formerly iTunes App)

iPhone backup interface unlock issue

What I found is that the backups were set to: “Back up your most important data on your iPhone to iCloud, even though I wasn’t backing up in that manner. So, I simply changed the backup method to backup on my computer only.

back up all of the data on your iPhone to this Mac

After I did this I was able to see my phone in Apple Photos and import my new pictures!

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