What Are the Essentials to Include on Your Website Homepage?

Open a new tab next to this one, go on your website homepage and put yourself in the shoes of a potential customer of your brand. Does this page make you want to keep exploring your website?

If your answer is yes, awesome! If not, then it’s probably time for a redesign.

Keep reading as we go through some of to include on your homepage!


Clear navigation is key for your users to have a positive experience on your website.

After all, if they don’t know how to get to the information they’re looking for, they’ll most likely end up leaving your website sooner than you’d like, causing your bounce rate to go up. Not good.

Make sure that your main menu is easy to find at the top of your homepage and straightforward to navigate.

Oh, and don’t forget your footer! Once the user is done checking your whole page, you want to make it easy for them to head to the page that interests them and nothing like a clear footer menu to do so.

A Headline (and Sub-Headline)

A headline allows users to understand exactly what you have to offer before they even scroll down the page and, hopefully, keep exploring your website. However, this only happens if the headline is clear, powerful and relevant, so take some time to craft it.

If a headline is not enough to describe your brand in the best way, you can always use a sub-headline with secondary information.


If you don’t include CTAs on your homepage, your visitors won’t know where to go next, leaving your website. Once again, up goes your bounce rate.

Whether you want your visitors to fill in a form, sign up for your newsletter, buy a product… make sure your CTAs are well-designed and strategically placed.


A page with text, text, text, and no images is boring. There’s no question that you need to include visuals in your website homepage – the real question, what type of visuals?

  • Your logo

Logo design is an essential aspect of your branding. Don’t forget to include your logo on all the pages.

  • Photos with humans

This will help users connect to your brand and understand why they could need your product or service, as they can relate to the people in the photos.

  • Video

The average user spends 88% more time on a website if it includes a video, so why not?

Social Proof

72% of customers don’t take action before reading reviews, so why not make their life easier by including testimonials on your homepage? This will help potential customers trust you and follow your CTAs.

Text Content

Finally, your homepage needs to include some long-form text. This is a good opportunity to get into some detail about your brand’s businesses and show potential customers why your brand is a safe choice.

As usual, keep this text clear and straightforward. Consider the target you want to reach and make sure you speak in their language.

Let’s Create Your Website Homepage!

Now that you know what your website homepage needs to include, it’s time to start working on it.

If you want to read more about digital marketing, keep exploring our blog!

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