The Latest Design Trends That Modern Websites Should Tap Into in 2020

With nearly 2 billion websites online today, business owners are having to get progressively creative to stand out. That constant push to be better has brought us yet another round of outstanding design trends this year that we’re seeing pop up across modern websites.

If you’re interested in knowing how to get your website on point when it comes to what’s hot on the World Wide Web, keep reading. Below, we share a few elements that you may want to incorporate into your online presence.

1. Animations

Back in the early 2000s, flash animations were huge. Since then, those web design elements have been written off as tacky. Animations are making a come back this year though, this time, in the way of more subtle, background and icon animations that make users feel like they’re in an immersive experience rather than making them feel like their attention should be directed towards any one place.

Furthermore, animations today do not use Flash technology. They’re powered by HTML 5 which is more mobile-friendly.

2. Flat Design

There is some push back on this modern website trend because, on the other end of the spectrum, designs that leverage box shadows are also picking up steam. Still, having layers on your site that lay flat without borders or shadows is a pervasive theme that isn’t slowing down.

Users, especially those using mobile phones, appreciate simplicity in websites. Flat design meets that demand.

3. Bold, Contrasting Colors

Color can invoke emotions in onlookers which is why whole websites have been dedicated to breaking down the psychology of reds, blues, greens and everything in between. True to that fact, websites are now leaning on colors in a big way, ensuring that the colors they use are rich, eye-catching and hit home the idea they’re conveying in a visceral way.

So, whether you go with Kick Digital for website design or tap a more niche developer in your area, make sure your team knows that you want color to be a big theme of your project.

4. Full-Width Video

Full-width video isn’t necessarily a new fixture in modern websites. We have noticed it picking up steam in 2020 alongside animations though.

Use of full-width video is usually done in the way of having a banner or background on your website scale to a user’s screen size and automatically play. Video leverages HTML 5 to run.

5. Pushing Load Speeds Further

A trend that never dies in the world of web development is improving load speeds. Every year, web admins are looking for lighter bits of code and new compression techniques to ensure their pages load at the speed of light.

You should be doing the same.

Modern Websites Are Always on the Lookout for What’s New

Modern websites today can easily be dated ones tomorrow if they’re not constantly searching for the next great integration. We challenge you to always be curious about how you can take your website further so you can keep your business ahead of the curve instead of chasing trends.

For more advice on all things web development, SEO and more, check out additional write-ups on our blog!

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