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How to factory reset iPhone – Start from Scratch

If you are having some problems with your iPhone, there’s a solution. Learning How to factory reset iPhone can help you fix those problems.

When you do this, it will completely erase the data you have on your phone and return it to factory settings.

Some people mistake this option to be the same as restarting. However, when you restart your iPhone, the data you have still remains on the phone.

Resetting your device to factory settings isn’t at all complicated. So, there are a few steps you should take before you do this.

Back up your iPhone first

Most people forget to do this before the factory reset their phone. If you want to keep the data that is currently on your device, then this is a very important step to follow.

If you are already logged into iCloud, you can do the backup by going to settings and tapping your name at the top of the page.

Next, press on iCloud, and scroll down until you find the iCloud Backup option. When you find it, click the “Back Up Now” option.

There is one more method to do this. You should connect your iPhone to your computer and click the small device icon in iTunes.

There you will see two options, either to set up automatic backups or just do the backup with one click.

After you have finished backing up your data either on your computer or iCloud, you can move on to the factory reset.

How to factory reset your iPhone

To reset your device, go to Settings>General>Reset, and then press Erase All Contents.

If you have the iCloud backup set up, you will be asked if you want to update it so that you don’t lose your saved data. We advise you to do this, and press “Back Up Then Erase”.

If you have a passcode, type it in. Next, a warning box will show up with an option in red that says “Erase iPhone”.

Lastly, enter your Apple ID password to confirm this action. The device will be reset and returned to the initial factory setup, just like when you first used it.

You can also do the factory reset through iTunes. When you plug in your iPhone you will see the “Restore iPhone” option. Simply press that, and your device will return to factory settings.

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