Manufacturing Marketing: 5 Marketing Tips for Manufacturers

The manufacturing industry has a rich tradition in this country. However, holding on to “traditions” will only get you so far when it comes to modern-day marketing. You need to adopt new tools in order to compete, whether you focus on B2B or B2C manufacturing.

Perhaps you need to better define your strategy. Either way, how can you refine your manufacturing marketing? We have 5 tips to help.

1. Manufacturing Marketing Starts With “Why”

The principles of marketing for manufacturers are not that different from marketing any product or service. It’s all about finding your message and your audience.

Finding your message starts with one word…why. Why does your company exist? How does your product make your customers’ lives better or easier? Think about your company mission and values and you should be able to determine your “why”. 

2. Find Your Target Audience

Whether you supply parts or machines to other companies or sell directly to customers, your marketing efforts can only work if you find your target audience.

Answer these questions:

  • Who is your ideal customer?
  • Is it a CEO, an engineer, or a working mother?
  • What is your customer’s personality?
  • What message will resonate with them?
  • What does your customer want?
  • How do they research and make purchases? Where do they search?

Once you’ve answered these questions, you will be able to create messaging that speaks to your target audience. 

3. Determine Your Strategy

No plan will work if you don’t create a marketing strategy going in. It’s not just a price promotion. It’s about an idea that is going to resonate with your target audience.

Your strategy should aim to increase engagement and build relationships. This goes back to your “why” for existing. How can your product help your customers? 

4. Capturing Your Prospects

In the past, you probably connected with prospects in-person at trade shows or through traditional advertising mediums like print, radio, or TV. While those options may still be viable, you also need to consider new avenues.

  • Where do your prospects find information these days?
  • Do they research on Google?
  • Are they on social media?
  • What do they read?
  • Do they listen to broadcast radio or are they using streaming/satellite services? 

You must consider these questions and then create opportunities to build awareness, consideration, and decisions. 

5. Up Your Online Game

Make sure to follow best practices for SEO optimization so your website can be found on search engines. Then ensure the site itself is easy to navigate and explains exactly what you do (remember your “why”). 

Utilize social media channels to reach new audiences, including targeted advertising. Create a strong content marketing strategy with blogs, videos, and social media posts that will enable you to become a trusted resource. Plus, use every opportunity to build an email list so you can communicate with current and potential clients directly.

Build Your Marketing Machine

Manufacturing marketing requires you to create a solid plan in order to reach your target audience. These 5 manufacturing business ideas will give you a great start in connecting with clients and growing your company.

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