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Is iPhone 12 coming out? When can we expect this?

We are all wondering Is iPhone 12 coming out?

After a lot of waiting, we now know Apple will be announcing the new iPhone. It is almost time for the launch of the 2020 iPhones. And, they are expected to be announced on October 13, 2020.

There are already dozens of rumors about the upcoming devices. We assume the 2020 iPhones will go by the name of iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. Only if Apple follows the same naming scheme it used for the 2019 model lineup.

These phones promise to feature some of the biggest changes to the iPhone lineup in a long time.

What are some expected features?

This model is about to come out with a design for an all-new look. And, also includes 5G connectivity, Apple’s highly-anticipated A14 Bionic processor. Also, there’s a Pro set specifically, LiDAR cameras.

The 120Hz display is also available to come out, but it could be coming to the biggest iPhone Pro Max. There will be 4 different models coming out.

All four are certain to have a design similar to the iPhone 5’s flat edges.

Is iPhone 12 coming out – What will be the price?

The iPhone 12 price seems to be the main topic of most rumors. The most recent information comes from leaker @a_rumors1111 on Twitter. Who claims that the iPhone 12 mini will start at $649 for 64GB. The 6.1-inch will be $100 more expensive which leads to the $749 price.

This same leak claims that the this phone Pro will cost $999 and got up to $1,299 for 512GB, while the Pro Max would start at $1,099 and max out at $1,399. However, this information doesn’t seem to come from a solid source, so don’t take these claims for granted.

iPhone 12 latest news

Here are some of the most recent news following the iPhone 12:

  • The device could have a special Smart Data Mode that switches between 4G and 5G connectivity to save data and power, according to sources.
  • A new leak has revealed that the this model will offer a Ceramic Shield Front Cover for the front display, which could improve durability a lot.
  • A massive leak has confirmed the specs, prices, and colors, as well as MagSafe wireless charging.

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