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Video of Russian Jet Collision with U.S. Drone

The U.S. Military has released the drone video from the recent take-down by a Russian fighter jet over the Black Sea .

The United States European Command has made public a video that captures the moments when a pair of Russian fighter planes approached a U.S. drone closely over the Black Sea, discharging fuel onto it, and ultimately, the Pentagon asserts, colliding with the drone. The footage seems to indicate that the U.S. aircraft sustained damage from the impact.

This video was released two days following the Pentagon’s statement that a Russian Su-27 fighter made contact with the propeller of an unmanned MQ-9 Reaper drone in international airspace, causing it to crash into the sea. The Kremlin, however, denies that its aircraft came into contact with the drone.

The recording offers short glimpses of the incident, which, according to U.S. officials, continued for at least 30 minutes. The Pentagon explains that the video portrays the events in chronological order, but has been edited for brevity.

US Air Force MQ 9 camera footage: Russian Su 27 Black Sea intercept

Released U.S. Military footage of Russian jet colliding with U.S. drone

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