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4 Reasons Why Apple Stock Price Is Up 118%

Apple stock price has reached a 52 week high gaining an impressive 118%. But what are some of the factors behind these gains? Below I’m going to give you 4 reasons I believe we are seeing this upward movement of Apple’s stock price. Apple’s  (NASDAQ:AAPL) stock price, currently at 237.32 +2.32 (0.99%) at the time […]


Apple Is Beating Google in the Stock Mark (Chart)

Apple is out pacing Google in the stock market Looking at the graph below, it is clear that Apple is beating out Google in the stock market by a fairly wide margin. So far year to date, Apple’s stock is up 10%, while Google’s is down 10%.

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Apple Stock Price (AAPL) Foretells iPad Success

If you want an indicator of how well the iPad will be selling, look no further than Apple’s stock price at a new 52 week high (AAPL)