Apple Is Beating Google in the Stock Mark (Chart)

Apple is out pacing Google in the stock market

Looking at the graph below, it is clear that Apple is beating out Google in the stock market by a fairly wide margin.

So far year to date, Apple’s stock is up 10%, while Google’s is down 10%.

Apple Stock Chart / Google Stock Chart (via Google Finance)

The major event coming up for Apple is the release of the iPad, which some believe to be the main factor as to why Apple’s stock is trading at a a 52 week high.

But what about Google being down 10%?  Most people would attribute that to the economy since 99% of Google’s revenue comes from advertisers via the Google Adwords platform.  When revenue drops, one of the first areas that businesses will pull back on is the advertising budget.

Here’s the chart from Business Insider comparing Apple and Google stock:

apple google chart

What do you think?

Do you agree that the upward pressure on Apple’s stock is due to the upcoming iPad release?

Some people are also speculating that a new version of the iPhone is coming this summer, and that is contributing to Apple’s increasing stock price.

And what about Google?

Do you think their stock price is being affected by the economy, and the fact that businesses don’t have the budget to advertise?

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