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Twitter Launches New Homepage

Twitter’s new homepage puts focus on content (tweets)

You may have noticed something different today when you visited Twitter – a newly designed┬áhomepage.

When Twitter first loaded, were you slight confused, thinking you typed in the wrong URL? Or did you think maybe another site loaded?

Here’s a screenshot of Twitter’s new homepage:

twitter new homepage

What I like the most:

To be completely honest, the part of Twitter’s new homepage that I like the most is the Twitter 101 link on the right hand side.

I should say, I like the reference guide that the link points to.

Twitter 101 is a great guide for new users, and anyone who wants to learn more about Twitter.

Best of all, the guide comes directly from Twitter!

My second favorite element of Twitter’s new homepage is the continually updating Twitter stream.

Having a continually updating stream on any site is great way to keep fresh content flowing, and it also helps to keep visitors engaged with the site.

What do you think?

So what do you think about Twitter’s new homepage?

And have you had a chance to check out the Twitter 101 guide yet?

4 replies on “Twitter Launches New Homepage”

Hi Robert – I did indeed do a double take when I logged into Twitter this evening (I use both the web and Tweetdeck). I am lukewarm on this new look, most likely because I personally prefer an understated design without a lot of hoopla. But that's just me.

The Twitter stream, however, did nothing for me… Perhaps I am showing my age, but who in the world is Justin Bieber and why are there warring camps of fans? :) My point is that a continuously updating stream does little to engage if the viewer is not a part of the target audience. Still, if the stream is representing what most people on Twitter find relevant, then it's doing it's job and I am probably in the minority anyway.

I only briefly glanced at Twitter 101, so I cannot comment on it's quality, but it's nice to provide some "official Twitter" info for the newbies. Recently I guided a friend on using Twitter for her business and I found myself more than once saying, "it's something you must experiment with… learn the nuance of your customer." And while I still believe you must join in to learn the best way to communicate with your audience, it's good to have a guide.

So, just my two cents, Robert! Have a great night! :)

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