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How To Use Twitter To Drive Traffic To Your Website

twitter_birdWanna drive highly targeted traffic to your website – and do it in a way where Google can’t punish you?

If so, then you better start using Twitter!

I believe Twitter is most relevant in its link sharing ability. There is really no greater platform, that I’ve ever seen, where links have been shared and referral traffic sent to recipient sites.

Here are some useful tips on using Twitter to drive traffic to your website or blog:

1) Write content in Twitter that is relevant to your website and put a link at the end of the update (I recommend for a URL shortener)

2) If you have a blog, use TwitterFeed to auto-update your Twitter profile each time you write a new blog posting.

3) If you’re lazy, you can also use TwitterFeed, in conjunction with an RSS Feed to send content to your Twitter profile (I don’t recommend this method as your only source of content on Twitter)

4) Simply use Twitter as your primary source of content generation and through the use of links, send traffic to affiliate sites, or your own targeted landing pages.

Again, I see Twitter as being most powerful – or at least one powerful way to be used – in sending referral traffic to targeted sites through the use of links. And if you are conscious about your marketing efforts on Twitter, your website or blog will definitely reap the rewards with traffic.

And not only will Twitter send traffic to your site, but the traffic will also more than likely be highly targeted (valuable for branding and marketing your business). This is because people don’t find you unless they are searching for you – and certainly won’t click the link in your update unless they are intrigued enough to do so.

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