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Why Your Blog Is Important – Twitter Down, Facebook Slow

lastfm+for+wordpress+logoAs of this morning, Twitter was experiencing extended downtime.  Even though the site is now back up, the downtime showed everybody just how important the 140 character updates (tweets) really are.

So what did everyone do when Twitter crashed?  They more than likely fled to Facebook where they were welcomed with a slow response and load time.

Twitter Down – Facebook Slow – The World Is Coming To An End

Let me use this opportunity to express the importance of having a blog!

Even though Twitter and Facebook went down, you (and I) were still able to work in our blogs, updating content, and communicating with others.

Having a blog as a centralized location for all of your social media activities is important, especially for a business that relies on a presence on the web.

So when all other social media sites disappear for a while, you still have a place for everyone to come to and you get to maintain your online presence – something that’s critically important in today’s age of the Internet!

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