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Google CEO Eric Schmidt Gets Paid $1

eric-schmid-no-iphoneApparently Eric Schmidt – Google’s CEO – enjoys his work so much that he decides to relinquish pay from both his company, and other’s as well.

As a board member at Apple, Schmidt declined both retention fee and annual salary of $50,000.

And at Google, where he is the CEO, he only receives a $1 a year salary.

Maybe it’s just the Apple gear that Schmidt was working for – In fiscal ’08, Schmidt received $8,712 worth of Apple equipment.

Whatever it is, Schmidt I’m sure isn’t hurting for money and probably all of his wealth is tied up in Google stock – that’s be my guess anyway.

And obviously he has a passion for technology and it’s influence in advancing the world – which I admired that more than any amount of money he received as pay.

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