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Our Churches iPhone / Facebook Fan Page Problem

church_of_facebookSo we launched an new Facebook Fan Page for our church.

I’ve seen a lot of fan pages for churches across the web, but ours is unique, with a unique set of challenges.

1) We thought we wanted multiple key leaders in the church to all have admin access to the Facebook Fan Page.  Our reasoning is that these key leaders would need admin access to send out pertinent information to all the fans of the FB page.

However, we noticed that once we made someone an “admin” to the Facebook Page, they immediately lost their profile image and everything they were doing was with the Fan Page image.

This might be a problem because the fans of the page might not know who exactly is sending out the broadcast.

So that’s challenge #1 with our new Facebook Fan Page for our church.

2) For the Pastors that have iPhones AND are “admins” on the Facebook Fan Page, they wanted to be able to update the Fan Page from the iPhone and have it go out to all the fans of the page.

Makes sense right?

So I simply went to the Facebook Fan Page on their iPhone and added the page to their desktop.  Now all they had to do is tap the page icon, tap the message box, and post their update.

When the Pastor sent a test update on the Facebook Fan Page from his iPhone, I was sitting at a computer to verify if the post went.

And it DID in fact post to the churches Facebook Fan Page.

But the BIG PROBLEM that I  haven’t been able to resolve is this:  even though the update on the iPhone posted fine to the Facebook Fan Page, the update DID NOT broadcast out to all the fans of the page (I checked, and had other fans check as well…).

However, when the Pastor (who is an “admin”) added an update while on his desktop computer, the updates posted fine AND were distributed to all the fans.

So the iPhone / Facebook Fan Page for “admins” is my current challenge.

And I just cannot figure out how to send an update (as an “admin”) from the iPhone to the Facebook Fan Page, AND have it broadcast to all the fans.

Besides that – we are having a great time with our new Facebook Fan Page and see the enormous potential that it offers.

If you, as a reader, has any ideas about our problem, please reply here with suggestions!

and / or give me a call at 706-363-0335

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I work for a company that has just branched out into the Facebook and Twitter world, one of the things I ear repeatedly is to put a name with a company (or in this case Church). For the profile Picture, have a picture taken with all the people who are Admins and Tag each person, then when they update have then put their name and or ministry into the update so people will know who is sending it and/or who it is meant for

Hi Zach – that's a great idea actually and makes perfect sense. Just have to keep updating the image when staff turns over…

Thanks for commenting

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