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Are You Ready For 4G? Verizon Completes Successful Test

Are you ready for 4G mobile speed?4g-speed

The need for speed is coming to mobile phone web browsers with 4G!

Verizon just announced that it has succesfully test 4G speed in both Boston and Seattle on its 700MHz spectrum, and that it has chosen LTE as its 4G standard of choice, and the tests it completed were made using the 3GPP Release 8 LTE specification.

G4 is apparently going to facilitate faster video streaming and web browsing capabilities for mobile and data phones.

So if Verizon is out there leading the way with G4, what are AT&T, T-Mobile, and other competitors up to?

I know that if AT&T doesn’t do something about increasing their connectivity to more areas, and improving customer service, than Verizon and even T-Mobile will quickly overtake them.

And with T-Mobile we are talking about Google being in their back pockets – or vice versa.

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