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Can The Palm Pre Take Down The iPhone?

palm_preThe Palm Pre seems to be taking the mobile phone world by storm (no pun intended BlackBerry…).

However, the question is whether it can pick up enough steam to gain market share against the iPhone?  My answer is “No Way!”.  I mean you have the iPhone gaining market share at a rate of over 375% (view source).

But even though the iPhone is market share is growing so fast, it is not, surprisingly, the #1 mobile phone on the market.

Here’s a breakdown of the numbers:



So what do you think?  Do you think the Palm Pre has what it takes to overtake the iPhone?

Here’s a little bit about what the Palm Pre has to offer – from MobileSyrup:

With Bell launching the anticipated Palm Pre on August 27th – one that has been coined “the most important launch in Bell’s history“. We gotta admit even that playing with the new Palm device and it’s new OS is pretty snappy.

In an internal document to help Bell employees understand and effectively sell the Pre, on page 6 (we have the entire doc but this was by far the most creative) it shows the Pre competitors when it comes to devices – the BlackBerry Bold and the iPhone (Ironically these are both devices they are rumoured to be launching). The doc also gives reasons on why we would choose Bell.

The Bell Palm Pre falls right in the middle of the “Increasingly Smart” area between “Utility” and “Entertainment”. At the end it’ll come down to personal preference as all these devices either comes with a touchscreen or QWERTY keyboard, their own OS and style, cameras and Application Stores. Oh yes, it’ll also come down to reliability.

I’m excited to see how the mobile phone market plays out as newer, shiner, and faster mobile phones hit the market

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