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3 Reasons Why Bing Can Dominate Google In The Future

bingBing has hit the search engine market with a bang!

We just wrote about how Bing has already gained market share for the 2nd month in a row – and Bing is only 2 months old!

Even though Bing has some momentum going at the moment, Google is by far the king of search, and taking that position any time soon won’t be an easy task.

However, I do see where Bing is positioning itself for the future, and could be ready to not only compete with the likes of Google, but actually dominate the entire search market.

Here are 3 reasons why Bing can possibly be ready to overtake the search giant Googe:

1) Bing’s search results offers deep insights into querries that Google doesn’t offer – at least not as readily as Bing.  For example, if you search “Atlanta” in Bing, you get a navigation bar on the left that allows you to quickly dig down into sub searches such as Weather, Events, Maps, Hotels, etc…

When I search “Atlanta” on Google, I get a map of Atlanta along with images, and the supplemental links on the left gives you only a break down in terms of time (past 24 hours, past week, past month, etc…)

So even though Google has a dominant position in search, I have to admit that Bing’s search results are more productive at offering search results that people can actually use.

2) Bing is on equal grounds with crawling and indexing real time data from Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking sites.  Because Bing has been able to equally crawls and index these pages as efficiently as Google, they are able to offer the same search experience to users looking for real time data.

I don’t see where Bing has an advantage over Google in the arena of real time search data (at least on – but read #3 below for more info), but because they aren’t any less productive, makes them able to keep up for now with Google.

3) Here is the biggest reason why Bing can dominate Google in the future, and that is because of Facebook, and Facebook’s new search engine.  As you’ve probably heard, Facebook has made their experimental search engine public.

Facebook’s new search engine includes searching for groups, pages, friends, but most importantly, it includes search results from wall streams.  This means “real time search data” is now available on Facebook just like it is on Twitter’s search engine.

But more importantly for Bing, when you scroll down below Facebook’s search results, you see web results – and guess who the web results are powered by???  BING!

So because Bing is the search provider for Facebook, this puts them in a powerful position to dominate the entire search market.

Facebook is quickly gaining the traffic levels of both Google and Yahoo – the 2 most current popular search engines.  And with Bing providing search results to Facebook, this puts them in a great long term position for gaining market share, and could quite possibly be the difference maker in dominating search all together!

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